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A Guide to Solar Panels and Solar Blankets

If you are going camping, it is great to have some solar power for your off-grid adventure. If you have solar power in your campsite, then you can easily and efficiently power up your appliances and get extra power to your batteries.

However, it can be confusing to choose the right solar solution to your needs. You have two options to choose from and these are the solar panels and the solar blankets.

Here are some useful facts about solar panels and solar blankets that you should know.

Solar panels at can be portable or fixed. A portable solar panel is a great option if you are on a tight budget and you don’t really travel regularly. Solar panels are heavy and bulky but this is not a problem if you are just traveling for a week and just taking the basic items with you. It can be difficult to bring a solar panel if your travel is longer than that.

Solar panels are very easy to set up and angle to chase the sun. if solar panels are fixed then they are great since you just set it up and leave it there. You can attach them to your vehicle so it can charge while on the road or while parked at the campsite. Solar panels must be in direct sunlight to get the best results. But this is not always possible in campsites.

If you travel frequently, and you don’t want space and weight, then it is good to invest in a solar blanket. These are more expensive than solar panels but they are of good quality and very durable. The best benefit of buying a solar blanket is the convenience that you get. You can simply hang it off your awning, or drape it over your trailer and it will start catching the sun’s rays. You can even place it across your windshield so while you are collecting solar energy, your car can be kept cool.

After your stay, you can simply fold your solar blanket away and keep it in your car. This is a very easy thing to do.

If you are choosing between solar panels and solar blankets, it will depend on how you travel. Portable solar panels are ideal for weekend campers. These are less expensive and give you the flexibility of moving them where you need them. However, they are bulky and heavy. But if you are taking only the basics with you, then this should not be a problem. Visit this homepage now!

Solar blankets are ideal for regular campers with a 4x4 camp trailer. They are lighter than solar panels and much smaller when folded up. This makes it very easy to store. If you are on a budget, this may not be for you since they are more expensive than solar panels. Visit this website at for more info about camping gear.

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